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Danube Delta

General information

The Danube Delta is the territory between the Danube river , to the North, the Black Sea shore line to the east and to the south the Razim Sinoe Laguna. Danube Delta is a natural reserve, being one the most compact wet lands of the planet, a living biodiversity museum, with a total surface of 580.000 hectares (2,5% of the territory of Romania).

How to get there

  • by plane: the Danube Delta International Airport is located at 15 km to the city of Tulcea. This airport is a valuable gate way for tourists who wish to visit the Danube Delta while saving valuable time;
  • by train: to Tulcea rail station; on the route : Bucharest – Medgidia – Tulcea or Constanta – Medgidia – Tulcea;
  • by car or bus: Bucharest – Urziceni (57 km) – Slobozia (121 km) Tulcea (270 km) or Constanta – Tulcea (179 km) or Galati – Tulcea ( 90 km); distances from Tulcea by car: 28 km to Mahmudia, 35 km to Murighiol, 42 km to Dunavat
  • by boat you can travel through the Danube Delta from Tulcea with classical or EXPRESS ships, operated by Navrom Tulcea.

What to see

Protected areas: the Danube Delta biosphere and the National Park from Macin Mountains.