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Peles Castle and countryside in Transylvania

Discover Romania, in a day, from three different perspectives: the Peles Castle, the traditional mountain villages Pestera and Magura, and last but not least, the impressive Zarnesti Gorges in Piatra Craiului National Park.

While you are on this tour, enjoy Rodica’s hospitality and the famous Romanian dishes. But…who is Rodica, by the way?

Rodica is usually outside , waiting, wondering and worrying why you are late, since you said you were very close to her guesthouse, Casa Folea. She is a very kind and caring person and she seems to remind you of your grandparents.

She will greet you with a warm smile and an open heart, and you will feel like you know her for a lifetime. Definitely, she will not hesitate to hug you and tell you: WELCOME!

Like all the grandparents, she will ask you if you have eaten and she will put you at the table. Slowly, you will get deeply immersed in the genuine atmosphere of a traditional village..

The cats are running through the yard, the smoke is rising up the chimney, the people are running their daily chores. In the distance, you can hear the cow’s bells tinkling..

All of a sudden you feel an enticing smell tickeling the nastrils..Rodica has already brought her famous bulz. This is one of the most famous Romanian dishes and for Rodica this is pure art: sheep cheese, very aromatic, that simply melts in your mouth, on a bed of polenta, Rodica style.

To make you even more hungry, she will first serve you the notorious Romanian drink, tuica.

Have we convinced you to pay a visit to Rodica’s dream house, in Pestera Village? Are you there yet?

Where: Brasov County, Rasnov, Piatra Craiului National Park (1 day)
Itinerary and map: Bucharest – Rasnov – Pestera – Magura – Zarnesti – Bucharest
Departure time: 8 am. Arrival time: approx. 10 pm
Best time for visiting and hiking: all year round
Type of activity: easy hiking, visits at cultural objectives, visits in traditional mountain villages
The trek is rated as: easy

The program looks like this:

Early departure from Bucharest and heading to the beautiful city of Sinaia. The first highlight of the day is the splendid Peles Castle, built by King Carol I. The former royal residence, built between 1873 and 1914, the castle is a testimony of Neo – Renaissance architecture.

Moving further, in the land of Transylvania, we will explore and discover two lovely traditional villages, where the time seems to stand still.

Situated between Piatra Craiului and Bucegi Mountains, Pestera and Magura Village invite you to relax and fully enjoy the silence and the magic of the whole area..

What is definitely not to be missed is the lunch that we will serve at Casa Folea, at Rodica.

Rodica is a lovely lady who will cook the most delicious romanian food and add a little bit of her own personal magic…

We will spend a few hours in the area, hiking around Pestera Village and shooting the stunning scenery.

The next stop will be in Magura, the nearby village, which will offer a different perspective towards the mountains. We will drive on the winding road that will soon take us to the gorges! 

Yes, the famous Zarnesti Gorges, in Piatra Craiului National Park.

The gorges are an attraction for hikers, rock climbers, and photographers.

In the afternoon, fully energized and happy, we will return to Bucharest.

IMPORTANT: The program can be altered on the spot, depending on weather conditions and other relevant aspects such as the physical condition of the participants.

Prices: For one person ( 198 EUR ); Group of 2 ( 108 EUR/pp ); Group of 3 ( 98 EUR/pp ); Group of 4-6 ( 90 EUR/pp ).

The prices include: transport by private car or minibus ( depending on the group size ), lunch, entrance fees at the castle, guide services. The prices do not include other personal expenses.

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